Inheritance in Greece

Wills and Probate including property in Greece is not unusual nowadays. Frequently it is the apartment or the countryside home for which the ownership title has to be arranged. Many times the British or Greek who live abroad become aware that they are entitled to the estate or a share of the estate at a rather late stage and naturally they are not informed as to the inheritance law of the country. We can confidently offer advice on the British, German and Greek inheritance law or even represent you before a court in case of a dispute on your inheritance matter.


The most frequently asked questions are:

  • Has the deceased left a will and what is the most recent version of it?
  • What does the estate of the deceased include?
  • What is the value of the estate?
  • Who are the beneficiaries?


There are also subsequent relevant legal and tax issues and queries.


  • In which cases a probate is required in Greece?
  • Can I recognise my British/American/Australian/Canadian/South African probate in Greece and what procedure should be followed?
  • What is the applicable law for inheritance matters in Greece?
  • Is it obligatory by law to accept or can I renounce the succession in Greece and within which time-limits?
  • Is it obligatory by law to register the inherited estate?


The Greek tax law offers different avenues to minimise the tax burden for the successors. However questions may arise as to:


  • What is the deadline to declare the inherited estate to the Greek Inland Revenue?
  • What is the percentage of payable tax?
  • Who is burdened with the tax on inheritance matters?


We also take all the necessary steps to ascertain that you are registered in the Greek Land Registry as the new owners and we advise you on how to arrange your affairs in order to look after your successors. We can answer your queries efficiently and we relieve you from dealing with the bureaucratic obstacles.


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