Claims in Greece

Claims and Enforcement of Judgments on Civil and Commercial Matters


In the integrated European financial world the commercial transactions between British and Greek companies and individuals have become a matter of the everyday life.


This new reality inevitably involves the possible respective financial and legal disputes. Being lawyers who take instructions in the jurisdictions of the UK, Germany and Greece we are in the position to assist you with cross border issues and we look after them so that you can conduct commercial transactions with confidence both in any of the three countries.


The flow of the transactions may sometimes be interrupted by the inability of one or both parties to dully fulfill their contractual obligations. In this case we can propose flexible and efficient solutions to your claim related matter.

Nowadays European law provides different instruments which give the ultimate effective legal protection with the enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters as for instance:

  • European judgments in civil and commercial matters
  • European judicial order for payment
  • European procedure for small claims
  • Management of claims in Greece
  • Execution of European judicial decisions in Greece



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